Two nights in stunning Copenhagen

Weekend City Break in Copenhagen

So that time of year has been and gone again, when me and a group of mates venture to a new city in Europe, after experiencing Sofia in Bulgaria last year we decided on somewhere a little more popular, the Danish capital Copenhagen. 


Copenhagen is by far the furthest north I've been, I've never even been to Scotland for gods sake! So it was certainly going to represent something different for me. As paying to go somewhere cold isn't my usual M.O I was (and still am) a little bit ignorant about all things Denmark. All I really knew was Peter Schmeichel, Hummel clothing, bacon and that its very expensive, this is why I didn't write my usual 'In Anticipation' post because I quite enjoyed visiting somewhere with no preconceptions.

Getting to Copenhagen was a delight, the plane only takes about an hour and 20 minutes and you can get a fairly good deal. The airport is tiny for a capital city and it only takes about 15 minutes in a taxi to the city centre. Getting to London is more stressful.

Again, after staying in a more budget accommodation in Sofia we opted for something a little more comfortable in Copenhagen, staying in the well known Urban House set in the heart of the trendy Vesterbro district. Which is conveniently just around the corner from Copenhagen Central Station. Urban House is an awesome hostel really, the rooms are very comfy, if not a little cold and the bar is lively and reasonable in price, and as the locals don't seem to start their night until quite late its ideal.

Due to the price of Copenhagen we opted for a 2 night stay when we would usually have 3, while it was a good decision for the wallet upon reflection 2 nights isn't really enough to get beneath the surface, especially as it is such a scenic city. As seems to be the case everywhere there are an abundance of Irish bars if you want a cheaper beer and/or watch the football, you will never be stuck for somewhere to grab a swift one. For a more trendy scene the Meatpacking district seems to be the place with an abundance of cocktail and jazz bars - although we didn't really get to sample here, it was still very much the evening meal period while we walked through.


For me the highlight was visiting the free town of Christiania which is virtually unpoliced and the inhabitants are left to their own devises, this place attracts a lot of tourists because of the cheaper alcohol and the openness of the weed trade - there is literally no subtlety at all. While the lack of lighting makes it seem a bit sketchy once the sun goes down it is definitely worth visiting even if you're not interested in any of the trade, its a truly novel place. 


As we only had two nights in Copenhagen we did not really get the opportunity to sample the restaurants the city is famous for but we did get the opportunity to visit Frk. Barners Kaelder which served an all encompassing Danish brunch, containing raw herring and the roe (eggs) of a fish I can absolutely not remember - basically cheap caviar! Not everyone's cup of tea, but by the number of people in the packed restaurant eating it I think its the way to go for a weekend brunch in the centre of Copenhagen!

We all had a top time in Copenhagen and would recommend for all crowds, there are loads of good gigs on (Digitalism where on but alas the funds didnt stretch to it) and the nightlife goes through until the early hours of the morning so you'll never be bored. Although I would just recommend that you visit for around 4 days minimum!!

Cheers for reading,


p.s. cheers for the photos Dave!