The Best Restaurants in Lagos

Howdy! Hopefully you read my previous post on Lagos in Portugal in which I mentioned the standard of the food in the local restaurants was abnormally high. So in this post I will talk about 5 of my favourite restaurants in the Algarve town. Certainly in no order as I struggled to place any one restaurant over another, and there will be a couple of honourable mentions as they certainly deserve a shout out.

With the high standard of the restaurants in Lagos this post will hopefully offer a little bit of context for anyone doing a bit of research. Because Lagos is the perfect example of why Trip Advisor can be a little bit misleading and makes it harder to gain any insight because of information overload, and as a man of carriage I believe it is imperative to have an idea of what food is on offer when researching a holiday.

  • The Blue Door; Although this restaurant is somewhat hidden away it is also impossible to miss of an evening because there is always a small queue to go in. It has the feel of a hidden gem which you might just stumble upon but it has actually been recommended in the Michelin guide. We visited twice and both times had their signature prawns to start, with diet ruining amounts of bread to mop up the luscious sauce. The two mains I had were rack of lamb and grilled seabass - and the grilled fish is where the Blue Door really comes alive. Absolutely cooked to perfection, not swimming in oil but no where close to dry. There is nothing fancy about this restaurant, it is filled to capacity every night with a mix of locals and tourist who lap up the no thrills, authentic home cooked magic. Honestly, it's like your nan opened a restaurant to showcase her home cooking.


  • O Camilo: O Camilo is certainly the most scenic restaurant in this list, situated at the top of the cliffs which surround Camilo beach it is a bit of a clime if you are coming from the beach, a good few hundred steps! Although it is easily accessible if you're travelling from the town via taxi, so yeah, do that. Like a lot of places they specialise in seafood and even though O Camilo is a little bit more expensive than most of the restaurants in town you will not be disappointed (you're paying for the view anyway, which given how good it is its fair enough). We shared a couple of plates clams to start which unbelievably good, which prompted a debate in to which was better, Blue Door prawns or the O Camilo clams - for me the clams win out, although I feel that on a different day it could easily go either way. The swordfish was great and came with a lovely, light sauce.
  • Cafe Xpreitaqui: There a numerous tapas bars situated across the town, as you would expect and we sampled a good number during our two week stay. This - hands down - has to be the best. I wont list all of what we ate while we were there but it was extensive. The owners are very nice, the wine selection is very good and the staff are happy to make recommendations. if you're in a rush this isn't the place for you but tapas is not about rushing, its about grazing and watching the world go by! Out of all the dishes I tried at Xpreitaqui I would have to recommend the monkfish bites over anything else. You will order a second portion.

Stingray in Lagos
  • The Garden: the stand out restaurant on this list - not Portuguese in the slightest and I'm not sure they would class themselves as a restaurant but they're on the list as the food is down right awesome.  They specialise in South African BBQ. The meals are refreshingly simple
Steak in Lagos


  • Bahia Beach Bar: The beach bar is perfectly located on the edge of the main beach in the town, albeit with a bit of a walk from the road so it might be a bit of a struggle for older people, but luckily I'm not in that bracket yet! We ate here twice and I would recommend the rack of lamb, it might have been the best meal I ate on the whole trip. 

Hopefully if you find yourself in Lagos you'll give one of these restaurants a try! All have the quality to become a cornerstone of your trip.

Cheers for reading!