In Anticipation - 5 things to do in Lagos, Portugal

If you’ve been reading my blog you will have known that I’ve got a bit of a gammy shoulder – as I realise I haven’t shut up about it. To sum things up, I didn’t mind being out of action for a few months as long as I was cleared to do the things I enjoyed before my trip to Lagos in Portugal. Alas my recent visit the consultant has all-but confirmed that is a mere pipe dream (she actually winced when looking at my notes). So rather than letting it ruin my holiday I’ve decided to do a bit of shoulder-friendly holiday research and I thought I’d share some of what I found with you – because that’s the kind of guy I am.

1. Explore the famous beaches of the Algarve. A lot of people have spoken about the hidden beaches but they can’t be that hidden if they’re often described as famous by a simple Google search! However Google does show that they are in fact stunning. One of most famous seems to be Praia da Rocha, which is based in Portimão, one of the larger towns in the Western Algarve. There seems to be a lot of tourist traps – but the rock formations look unreal so it will be worth navigating the Irish pubs to explore them.

2. Be a glutton; I love Mediterranean food so while I’m watching people do the sports I initially wanted to do I might as well try all the local delicacies. First on the agenda would have to be Salted Cod – known as Bacalhau. I had Salt Fish a few times in Jamaica as part of their staple breakfast of Ackee and Salt Fish so it will be nice to see the Portuguese take on it. Another speciality on the list is Alentajana pork which is pork tenderloin and clams cooked in wine and red peppers – you can’t go wrong.


3. Visit the famous landmarks around the area; just doing the most basic research shows that the Algarve has an incredibly rich history and some stunning natural landmarks. Seems an obvious thing to say but it’s so easy to ignore the natural beauty of places when they cater for tourists. The slave market seems the most obvious place to start - obviously not the nicest element of Lagos's history but I'm sure it will be an enriching visit.

My final two are entirely dependent on the progress of my rehab (good week – at the time of writing). While the idea of surfing has been well and truly knocked on the head I’m still retaining the hope of being in a position to do something which requires effort.

4. Yoga; I wanted both Yoga and Swimming to form a major part of my rehab, so hopefully this will be a healthy way to kick start the next phase in the sun – while I’m sure the proof is in the pudding there are some awesome looking Yoga centres in the Lagos area, I’m told there is a large backpacker culture in the area so it makes sense for them to be some! The pick of the bunch for me seems to be The Lightroom which is conveniently located in Lagos Town, looking at around Google prices for a drop in start at €9 for a drop in or €70 for a 10 class card – which is probably pushing it a little bit!

5. Snorkelling; Once again, completely dependent on my progress, and it speaks for the utter patheticness of my right shoulder that 3 months after surgery water resistance is still a threat but after swimming with wild Dolphins in Tenerife and discovering the Pencil fish in Jamaica (some people think it’s the same as the humble trumpet fish; but it isn’t) I don’t want to miss the chance to get to experience some of the wildlife lurking around the shores of the Algarve.

Cheers for reading guys and if you've got any suggestions let me know,