SLAP Tear; 6 Month Rehab Update

Howdy guys, It has been absolutely ages since my last post and I apologise, I'm missing my own blogging targets and not gaining the momentum I had hoped for, but I come loaded with excuses which I will offer up before giving a 6 month rehab update on my surgery on a SLAP tear.

It's been a fairly busy month for me (not a complaint, its always good to be busy) and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. I've been decorating (still not finished :/), passing a driving test (wooop! fourth time's the charm) and going on weekend trips (Shambala festival and the Foo Fighters).

Anyway, I realise the progress updates on my labrum surgery rehabilitation have dried up and that is for one main reason; there was not much to report. But it is 6 months after my labrum surgery and I have been discharged, both from physio and from visiting the consultant which all sounds great but in real word terms I do not really feel like I've progressed much. Flexibility wise I am no where near where I was before the surgery and the odd movement still brings about excruciating pain, although stability wise everything seems fine. I feel that I am closing in on a return to football, yoga and swimming and hopefully everything will hold out.

One thing I was not prepared for before the surgery was the loss in ability, in my 'it'll be reet' mind set I thought it would be a case of being in a sling for a month, lapping up some sympathy and then building back up to where I was on a nice gentle trajectory and then getting to the point where I am in a better place than I was.

So far this has not been the case. The slap tear recovery process is full of peaks and troughs which can be very disheartening. For example, as I mentioned in my post about Lagos, I went Kayaking a few times and was impressed with how well my shoulder held up and the fact it seemed to help with my flexibility (I can now wash my armpit pain free) but at the same time Child's Pose and its variations still leaves me swearing during my Yoga routine. For those with no interest in Yoga - usually the hardest thing about Child's Pose is trying not to fall asleep - and to add insult to injury, or injury to injury I've developed 'Tennis Elbow' like symptoms, something which is apparently not uncommon in people recovering from labrum surgery.

As this isn't the most insightful blog post I've ever written I thought I could at least include some of the images of my surgery for you all to have a look at. Enjoy.

Shoulder Surgery Pictures
After Surgery Photo

Cheers for reading,