Recovering from a SLAP Tear; Slow Progress

Yesterday (Monday 27th of April) I visited my physio for the third time. I knew progress had slowed a little because I have reduced the amount exercises that I've been doing because of the headaches I was getting over the last two weeks, so I went in not expecting much. Frustratingly after demonstrating my range of movement I was told off the bat that I was still probably a month away from being able to run or more importantly; swim. I was banking on getting in to the pool this week as I'm limited to the bikes and cross trainer in the gym - which is so monotonous it makes me want to cry - or just not go to the gym.

Anyway - being the positive soul I am there are a few things I can take from yesterday. Firstly, the headaches that I was getting are almost certainly due to my shoulder as one of my new exercises sent the tell-tale pins and needles right up the side of my head; still annoying but not a stroke. The second positive is that my strength is pretty impressive - I can even start doing some training work with those little hand weights people use when running (WOOOOP).

Anyway, I think the point of this short update is to get across about needing to be realistic about goals. I'm beginning to think that my primary goal to be 'Surf Ready' by my holiday to Portugal in July might have been overly ambitious. I think that setting overly ambitious goals can hold you back in the long term and make the now more frustrating - for example I got asked to play a few games of football last week. I tried convincing myself I could play, until I figured out that I couldn't go in goal and if anyone tackled me I was likely to throw a world class strop and potentially make the last two months a huge waste - I would have been better just deleting the messages without a second thought.

I didn't intend this post to be negative and I don't necessarily think that it is. It's just a reminder to myself that rather than focus on something 3-4 months away I need to start focusing on short terms goals. I've got two weeks to get my rehabilitation to a point were I'm deemed suitable for the extended gym sessions and improve my range of movement so that I can safely swim and run - the rest will follow.

Cheers for reading,