Recovering from a SLAP Tear; Latex and Migraines

I've had a very mixed week with my rehab and coming back in to general health, I'm very wide eyed when it comes to solving problems and didn't really account for the fact that I will have bad weeks as well as good ones. Last Monday I had my second physio appointment and was feeling fairly strong, I'd even started to work some very basic Yoga poses in to my shoulder routing; to help me fully explore the joint and work on my breathing. Anyway my physiotherapist was really happy with my progress and even suggested I might be able to surf by the time my trip to Portugal in July comes about.

I was given some new exercises which are aimed to start the strength building process, basically some light resistance work and doing push-ups against a wall - I'll be ripped in no time!!

But there have been a few issues, well one main issues - I think (I hope) that the tension in my shoulder is giving me terrible headaches/migraines. Last year I suffered on concussion and was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome, which basically meant I was still feeling the effects a good 4 months later, headaches which were making me smell things which weren't there and nearly passing out in a Home Sense in Gloucester were particular highlights. I've been feeling some tension in my neck for a few weeks and as soon as I started my new high intensity work out (pulling a latex band yo!) I started getting terrible migraines, some panic attack symptoms and a nightly adrenalin rush - and at its worst I was smelling things that weren't there (Coffee in this instance) and the side of my face was going numb. Which is of course all very worrying.

All of which has left me feeling very low, I've been to the Dr's and got some pills to take the migraines away but its still annoying, worrying and basically a massive ball ache.

I'll finish there as this is just becoming a big moan - going forward I think they key is keeping my shoulder loose as the headaches seem to be much worse when everything is tight. Of course I knew my recovery wouldn't be easy but just didn't account for these kind of headaches - they do sap the energy from you. My plan going forward is to be positive and pre-emptive, I'm going to be in the gym tomorrow morning - just to get some endorphins flowing and get a more positive outlook for the day!

Cheers for reading guys,