Recovering from a SLAP Tear

Around 10 years ago I knocked my shoulder out of place playing football during my first training session with a new team, as I did not want to look a bit soft I just popped it back in and carried on playing - and have been paying for it ever since because I was unaware that I'd picked up a troublesome SLAP tear. After struggling to surf last summer and growing interest in Yoga I decided it was time to try and get my shoulder fixed after working around my SLAP tear for so long. As today is the first day I really feel comfortable typing after my surgery I thought I should write a post about it.

A labrum/ SLAP tear ( is traditionally a sports injury, especially sports which incorporate over arm actions ad shoulder impacts such has tennis or rugby - I injured mine saving a shot. It hurt like hell, but as I'd had a lot of ankle injuries I thought it would be similar, rest it and it will go away, I just didn't go in goal for a while and tried to ignore it.

Anyway, fast forward a decade and my shoulder was still very unstable and would come in and out of the joint as I pleased so I perused surgery, I'd put the surgury off because a physio told me that the recovery and rehab wasn't particularly nice and it would be better to wait a while.

The surgery day itself went well, and I wasn't in any pain for the first 48 hours after - I just couldn't sleep. Over the last 3 and a half weeks I have experienced the dull pain die down and be replaced with sharp pains around the keyhole scars. The low point of the experience was the disturbed sleep, most mornings I'd be waking up in agony as my shoulder had become so stiff - and not being able to wash my armpits for 3 weeks.

As of last Friday I have started my rehabilitation and am both looking forward and dreading the next 6 months, its amazing how much my arm has withered and how much muscle memory I've lost in just 3 and a half weeks. What is also amazing is how limited my range of movement currently is, in fact my first period of rehab is more or less focused on bringing some flexibility back to my shoulder and letting it heal more rather than building up strength. At the time of writing I would actually struggle to give a Nazi salute with my bad arm, its just lucky I'm not that way inclined.

I'm writing this because it might be helpful to me to document my rehab as I'm sure there will be times when I'll be very frustrated and eager to race ahead, also I hope the people reading this will be interested in my progress and finally I hope I can give anyone facing this or a similar operation an idea of what to expect.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you and if you have any rehab tips let me now in the comments section!

Cheers for reading,