Mister Mellow - Album of the Month

Mister Mellow by Washed Out

My album of the month for July is something a little bit different from the recommendations I've made so far on Jon with the Wind, it is a lot more chilled out than I would usually recommend. I actually listen to a lot of low tempo music, but I often find it is a hard sell, but in the case of Mister Mellow by Washed Out, I want to make an exception.

I first came across Washed Out in about 2010, and his song 'Feel it All Around' (yet another reminder of how old I'm getting!) whilst getting in to a couple of bands on the Mexican Summer label (again, back in the days when I had time to listen to a number of bands on the same label). I've always been a big fan of loops and echos that you can get lost in and Washed Out's first releases really gave me that experience. Then in 2013 he released his first full album, the simply brilliant 'Within and Without'. I can't listen to that album without transporting myself somewhere happy - if I owned a beach bar this album would be on loop.

But fast forward to 2017 and Washed Out has just released his first album in 4 years; Mister Mellow. It's an ambitious album, that is for sure - not the 'put on and get lost in' of his first releases but its for sure worth really sitting down and listening to. It possesses something which is increasingly rare in the digital age; after a couple of listens I think Mister Mellow better listening to it as a flowing album rather than putting it on shuffle.

The two stand out tracks I would recommend for you to jump in to are 'Hard to Say Goodbye' and 'Burn Out Blues'. It might take a couple of listens to really get in to but it will be a labour of love, I promise.

Unfortunetly Washed Out don't appear to be playing any shows in the UK this year, but if you're in America over the summer/autumn it might be worth checking out if your paths cross.

Thanks for reading/listening guys and let me know what you think!