Run the Jewels 3 - Album of the Month

Run the Jewels return with album number 3

As I'm a very poor blogger, and Awaken, My Love! was supposed to be January's 'Album of the Month' so I'm running behind. The Album of the Month for March is Run the Jewels 3 by....yep Run the Jewels.

EL-P and Killer Mike are veterans of the hip hop scene in New York and Atlanta respectively. In 2013 Killer Mike made a guest appearance on an EL-P's album 'Cancer 4 Cure',they hit it off and Run the Jewels was born. Their previous two albums have been very well received both critically and commercially, I'm a little bit embarrassed that I didn't really take notice of the duo until their collaboration with DJ Shadow on his latest album - The Mountain Will Fall and the single "Nobody Speak".

Anyway, to Run the Jewels 3; its proper hip-hop first and foremost, abrasive rhythms to match their natural, aggressive and high tempo delivery, even on the more reflective tracks there is no cynical attempt to shoehorn in sentiment and become a cookie cutter R&B track for the radio - it's clear you are being presented with with lyrics and themes which flow naturally to the pair. Essentially it is an organic hip hop album, something you rarely see break in to the mainstream (probably why it took me so long to discover them) in 2017.

If Run the Jewels are new to you I would seriously suggest you take a listen to the first two albums along with RTJ3, they really are a cut above and it is refreshing to hear a combination of Southern and New York styles work so organically. Stand-out tracks on Run the Jewels 3 are 'Call Tinketron' and 'Panther like a Panther'  - please do give them a listen.

p.s they're touring the UK this March, tickets are at a premium but hopefully I might see some of you at their Manchester gig.

Cheers for reading,