Awaken, My Love! - Album of the Month.

Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love!


I want to try a new feature on Jon with the Wind. So going forward I will be writing a short piece on an 'Album of the Month', not a review as such but just something which I have been enjoying which has recently been released.

This month I would like to put forward Childish Gambino's latest effort Awaken, My Love! Childish Gambino is actually the stage name of actor Donald Glover who you will be familiar with if you're a fan of Netflix's Community, so it appears he's an all round talented guy.

Anyway the album itself found its way into my consciousnesses by way of Spotify's 'Discover' playlist, which is becoming a really great little tool. Its a very funky album and clearly Donald spent a lot of time listening to Parliment/Funkadelic during the creative process, especially the first half of the album - in fact it was the song "Have Some Love" which got me hooked and would be right at home on the first Funkadelic album. 

Although the album has been released in the true depths of winter it is worth giving a listen to now to pull you through and in the summer it will almost certainly make a perfect BBQ or road trip album - its already dislodged Blackalicious' Imani Vol 1 from my CD player! 

Please do give it a listen, I'm sure you wont be disappointed!

Cheers for reading,