Welcome to my website; Jon with the Wind. I'm Jon and this is my portal to discuss all the things I love most in the world. Namely travel, music, food and my failed attempts at fitness!

I'm based in Manchester in the UK so I have a wealth of culture at my front door which hopefully I can bring to life on Jon with the Wind. I also try and get away a couple of times a year and experience a condensed version of the culture of wherever I happen to be - which I'm excited about sharing with you. 

I won't be bringing you 'reviews' of places/events in which I have visited for a couple of reasons;

  1. I'm an expert on very little in this world.
  2. I want this to be a positive space in which I can share experiences with people and hopefully have experiences shared with me. 

Anyway, if you've found yourself on my 'About' page please do feel free and peruse the rest of the website and comment and connect with me; @jon_withthewind or Jon@jonwiththewind.co.uk

Cheers for reading,